Tips on Constipation

There are a few things you can do to help. First be sure you are mixing the fiber thoroughly into a tall glass of water and drinking 8 oz. of water following.  The fiber tends to thicken and without adequate water could cause constipation.

It's very important to drink eight 8oz. glasses of pure water in addition to any other liquids you are consuming.

Avoid alcohol and caffeine which are both dehydrating and can increase symptoms of constipation.

Make sure you are eating plenty of raw fruits and vegetables to help increase your fiber intake. Decrease foods that are difficult to digest like meat, grains, processed foods, junk foods.

CHEW your food very well - chewing is the beginning of the digestion process! 

Make sure you are getting exercise!

Additionally, you can consider increasing the steep time of the Night Time Cleansing Tea up to 8 minutes. 

A few more tips to improve digestion: 

Chew your food very well - this is the beginning of the digestion process! 
Eat smaller more frequent meals at regular intervals throughout the day.
Watch portion sizes - overeating causes indigestion.
Relax while eating your meal - stress or rushing slows down digestion.
Practice good posture - hunching creates pressure on digestive organs.
Don't eat late at night - our bodies naturally slow down, so does digestion.
Take a brisk walk after eating - this jump starts your digestive system.
Try a spinal twist - Spinal twists allow excess toxins in the digestive system to be released, which can have a calming effect on the body. 
While in a cross-legged sitting position, slowly turn to the right and hold while taking five deep breaths, then repeat this process on the left side.

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