UDH - Usage Instructions Day 1 - 30+

Day 1 through Day 5:

Each Morning: On an empty stomach, take 2 Ultimate Anti-Parasite Support capsules with an 8-ounce glass of water. Go about your normal morning routine for 20 minutes, then mix ½ scoop of Ultimate Internal Cleansing Fiber with the beverage of your choice and drink right away. Don’t wait and allow it to become too thick before drinking! Follow up by immediately drinking an 8-ounce glass of pure water. You may go about your morning breakfast routine. 

A Word About Flavor: Cleansing herbs can be bitter. The active herbs and premium quality fiber used in Ultimate Digestive Health were chosen for their effectiveness in cleansing and detoxifying the colon. We’ve formulated our Ultimate Internal Cleansing Fiber without any artificial flavorings or sweeteners. To improve the taste further, we suggest mixing the Ultimate Internal Cleansing Fiber with pure orange juice, soy milk or another 100% fruit juice. Excellent results are achieved by using a blender, which will help make it smooth and creamy. Delicious things happen when you add fresh fruit, like half a banana or some strawberries! It’s quite OK to have fun and experiment, but please make sure you always drink your pure water as directed.

During The Day: You must drink at least 8 full glasses (8-ounces each) of pure water each day. This is very important for two reasons: 1) it assists with the cleansing action of the herbs and fi ber and 2) the herbs and fiber absorb a lot of water and constipation can result if too little water is consumed. The pure water you drink should be in addition to any juice, coffee, tea or other liquids you normally consume during the day. 30 Minutes

Before Dinner: Take 2 capsules of the Ultimate Probiotics Formula with an 8-ounce glass of water on an empty stomach 30 minutes prior to your evening meal.

Before Going To Bed: Steep 1 bag of the Ultimate Nighttime Cleansing Tea in a cup of hot water for 2 minutes and enjoy. It’s normal to feel the urge to have a bowel movement first thing in the morning. You may also feel some slight cramping the first few days you’re on the program. This is perfectly normal and is a sign that the cleansing tea is working to help loosen and expel impacted toxic colon buildup and parasites.

Day 6 through 30: 

Follow the same schedule as you did for days 1 through 5, except now 
take 4 Ultimate Anti-Parasite Support capsules in the morning and increase 
to a full scoop (1 tablespoon) of the Ultimate Internal Cleansing Fiber.
Depending on your individual comfort level and whether you want more 
or less cleansing action, you may take up to one and a half scoops (1.5 
tablespoons) of the Ultimate Internal Cleansing Fiber. Mix the fiber with 
the beverage of your choice and drink right away.

Please drink plenty of water throughout the day. Remember to drink at 
least 8 full glasses (8-ounces each) of pure water each day. Late afternoon 
or early evening, about thirty minutes prior to your evening meal, on an 
empty stomach, take 2 capsules of the Ultimate Probiotics Formula with 
an 8-ounce glass of water.

At night, increase the steeping time for the Ultimate Nighttime Cleansing 
Tea to between 3 and 6 minutes, depending on the amount of cleansing 
action desired in the morning. Since body types differ from person to 
person, some may need less steeping time (as little as 1 minute) and 
others need more (possibly 6-8 minutes) to achieve the same results

Beyond 30 days:

After completing the a 30 day cleanse, we recommend you stop taking the 
Ultimate Anti-Parasite Support capsules and stop drinking the Ultimate 
Nighttime Cleansing Tea for  5 days. Continue taking the Ultimate Internal 
Cleansing Fiber as usual.

On the 6th day, you can once again begin taking 4 Ultimate Anti-Parasite 
Support capsules each morning and drinking the Ultimate Nighttime 
Cleansing Tea before going to bed. As needed, repeat this 30-day 
process for up to 90 days.

After 90 days on the Ultimate Digestive Health Program, you should 
no longer need to take the Ultimate Anti-Parasite Support or Ultimate 
Nighttime Cleansing Tea. We do recommend, however, that you continue 
to use the Ultimate Internal Cleansing Fiber every morning for as long as 
you want to enjoy the energy and vibrancy of having a clean, healthy colon.

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