Ultimate Lifespan Owner Buck Rizvi Credentials

Mr. Rizvi is currently the owner and founder of Ultimate Lifespan. Through his personal education and success with the product as well as the feedback and success thousands of satisfied customers, he is able to recommend this product. Ultimate Digestive Health was originally developed with the assistance of the Chief Formulator and staff of a leading nutritional supplement manufacturer. 

The ingredients are grown in the US and Canada. The science pertaining to the ingredients in Ultimate Digestive Health are covered extensively in these two authoritative volumes:

- Thomson PDR for Herbal Medicines
- The Complete German Commission E Monographs

Ultimate Digestive Health is caffeine free and made without harsh stimulants, which is very unique in a diet supplement industry. We formulated Ultimate Digestive Health to be safe, non-addictive, with few mild temporary side effects. We are not aware of any potential drug or supplement interactions. 

That said, we always recommend our customers consult with their physician, 
if they have a medical condition or have concerns regarding a potential drug interaction with Ultimate Digestive Health ingredients and the medication they are taking.

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